As Instant as Google

As always, Google has been trying to make the search experiences more pleasant and user friendly since day one of the search engine development. There were numerous small changes being carried out through out the years. Most changes are hardly noticeable to normal users but the impact on performance and time spent per search are improving drastically. 

When we thought Google Suggest (predicts, suggest & auto complete the keywords as you type) is the best thing Google search can provide us, Google had just shown us an instant streamed search results as you type and almost as fast as you can think. Google Instant is new but it looks, behaves, feels so familiar with the old version. The improved user interface is silk, minimalist and smooth. 

Various UI elements on the Google Instant are fairy consistent. They don't get pushed to bottom as the search interface has a fixed width which I usually hate when dealing with dynamic changing interface. Thumbs up to the UI design team. The streamed results are predicting your input very well in most cases. Google claims that it reduces the total time per search by two to five seconds. What else can be as instant as Google?